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Download 2015, M. Harrison, S. Kean, B. Hinze, “Proposed methodology for the assessment of noise in a route selection process”


Download 2015, M. Harrison, T. Cockings, D. Sburlati “OBSI measurements for the purpose of calibrating road surface corrections for CoRTN based road models”


Download 2007, J. T. Nelson, M. Harrison, M. Pettersson, “Structure-Borne Noise and Vibration Control for Chatswood Interchange” The 9th International Workshop on Railway Noise


Download 1996, M. Harrison, “A Sound Intensity Based Investigation of the Effects of Stiffeners on the Sound Transmission Loss of a Single Leaf MDF Partition” Proceedings of Australian Acoustical Society 1996 Conference

Download 2009, M. Harrison, “Comparing the regulatory constraints imposed on wind farm developments in the UK (particularly Scotland) with those commonly used and proposed                    in Australia and New Zealand and commenting on the potential economic cost of these constraints with respect to the energy producing potential of future developments”

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