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Project Description

This project involved establishing three significant characteristics of the Seven Network’s news studio in Martin Place:

  • Benchmarking the existing ambient noise levels in the office areas and studio space due to traffic noise intrusion and general internal operational, equipment and services noise;
  • Determine the acoustic transmission loss of the studio façade’s double glazing; and
  • Demonstrate what the satisfactory internal noise level is for various construction and vibration sources for the acceptable operations of the studio (taking into account the use of the space and the sensitivity of the studio equipment) through auralisation testing of the simulated airborne and regenerated noise source.

This work was prompted by the noise and vibration assessment conducted for the Sydney Metro EIS, which identified that there is likely to be exceedances of the Noise Management Levels (NML) at Seven’s Martin Place premises.  This EIS assessment did dot not address how these exceedances were to be resolved for Seven.

Client organisation: Transport for NSW – Sydney Metro
Value of work constructed as a result of the commission: Unknown